Friday, October 10, 2008

The summer is so gone!

Well, October is here in full force. We thought we might get some warm weather to make up for our lack of great weather this summer, but it didn't happen. The cold is here and in turn, our heat has finally turned on! We have begun stacking our wood pile and making sure on the cold nights in Oak Harbor, we can still warm up next to a fire! Micah and Abby are doing well and enjoying growing up together - well at least Abby enjoys Micah - we're not quite sure what Micah thinks yet! Tomorrow, we will leave them for an entire day with a friend and head to Seattle for the Missions Day youth event that Chris is leading. It should be a great day for the youth in our district to be Jesus to those who are in need. I'll be helping in the worship and check in arena. We're excited to participate, and equally excited to have it over with - this has been a long road for Chris with planning, e-mails, mailings, and coordination - all the while still doing his Masters work and getting used to a new baby in the house. We'll be ready to quiet down. Oh yeah, and then I start back at Starbucks on Monday. Woo - hoo! Life never slows down does it. God, make us lights for you even in the midst of a busy life! Amen!

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KK said...

Amen, Reiters! We are a part of God's crazy busy story and I pray he will always give us the strength to be in the thick of his work. Hang in there and know that you are loved and prayed for!!