Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Prayer Retreat

Chris and I were able to be a part of dreaming up and setting up a prayer room at a Ministers and Mates Retreat for the pastors/staff on our district. We loved how God was a part of the whole process. Anyway, I set up a section on silence with a prayer that I have come to love. I wanted to share it with you:
Be in my mind and my thinking
Be in my eyes and in my seeing
Be in my ears and in my hearing
Be in my mouth and in my speaking
Be in my heart and in my feeling
Be in my life and in my living

Blessings to you.


Steve and Jenn said...

That is a great prayer... for life, mothering, to teach children...I like it... thanks for sharing :)

Karise said...

I keep coming back to read this every morning. I really need to print it out and put it by my bed so that I can pray it every morning before I start my day!