Monday, December 1, 2008

I can't believe she's 2

wow . . . doesn't time just seem to fly. If it keeps getting faster every year, as "they" say it does, then by the time I'm 65, I'll sneeze, and it'll be the next year. Regardless, these 2 years with our little Abby have been amazing! She is a blessing and we have loved watching her grow. All day today we celebrated Abigail and her life. We even managed to get 2 naps in for her, since I knew her party would go past bedtime. So it was a day of 2's. She had about 15 people/kids show up for her party at Starbucks, and she was given some great gifts (even though we requested no gifts). She loved it. The kids got to color and play with the toys, and the adults stood around and talked over coffee and the noisy children. It was great! I wish you could have been there. Here's a video and some pictures of our happy birthday party to Abby. Enjoy!

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