Thursday, June 4, 2009

Time flies . . .

Wow - so June 2009, and Micah is already 10 months old - Abby is 2 1/2, and we're already talking about number 3 - NO, we're not pregnant, just "thinking" about it. We are in the midst of a life journey, as all of you are as well - and we're learning so much about the Lord and how He wants to grow us - perhaps in ways we didn't think we needed to grow - but nonetheless - growing us.  

Chris and I have spent a lot of mornings perusing through our faith-lives and realized last year that we needed to be challenged - NOT like my brother and his family, mind you - we're not moving to India anytime soon - however, we have asked the Lord in the last year to challenge our faith.  

Chris' father, Kenneth Corwin Reiter, died May 11 after driving home to Modesto, CA from being with us at Chris' graduation in Nampa, ID (Chris received his MA in Missional Leadership from NNU). His father's sudden death caused us to reframe some of our thinking and some of our theology.  We began asking ourselves not how we wanted to be remember, but how we WILL be remembered. So with that reality, in this day, we continue to ask God for His challenge on our lives - Some people say, 'be careful what you pray for', and I say, why? Life isn't meant to be lived timidly - No! God of the Angel Armies, challenge me - challenge us.  And He has!   

We have watched Him allow our lives to be pruned, and molded in tough and deep ways - some painful, some exciting.  However, our little family, or little "church", is growing deeper, wider, and truer.  Thanks God for moving and transforming my stubborn and prideful heart - may I be, may we be a sweet taste in your mouth, and a pleasant descant in your ears.

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KK said...

Amen, sister!!! And what a bunch of cuties. I can't believe how big your kids are getting. You are loved and thought of often. Smooch those babes for me. MUAH!