Thursday, May 26, 2011

I can't keep up!

Wow! It's almost the end of May and there's so much that has happened!  We are finally in Idaho - we arrived with a Uhaul and a very-packed minivan on March 2.  We were blessed to have a house open up 5 days before we arrived.....a total God-thing! It's in Nampa, which is not where we want to plant the church, but the target area is now only 30 minutes away compared to 12 hours! So I'm saying that's just fine for now!

We have half-unpacked, and are going through a lot of our stuff to "de-clutter".  We want to make sure that WHEN we find a house for rent in our price range in the north end we will be able to move as simply and easily as possible.  Plus, we've begun to hear God's call to simplify and cut the "fat" from our lives.

We're still fundraising for half of our income and are at about 33% of our goal. In April God took care of the employment income that we need as well - Chris got hired at Sierra Trading Post and has enjoyed it a lot.  He's a closet gear nerd, so this is right up his alley!  He'll deny that he knows that much about stuff, but if you ask him one question about Merrell shoes, well, you've taken a very long and detailed road down that conversation!

Anyway, the kiddos are getting bigger.  Samuel is 10 months now and doing his best to crawl - he loves the army crawl, but can't quite figure out how to get on all fours yet!  Micah is finally completely potty-trained......enough said! :) Abigail is becoming quite the little 4 year old artist....she learned from daddy today how to draw a tummy on a stick figure. It was her thrill of the day! And Aloysia is moving to Pasco, WA soon to help a couple of our dear friends in their church plant.  She is excited and anxious about it!  We think it's a great decision as she follows God's call on her life!

Well, for the grandparents, here's a couple pix of the kiddos. :) We went to the Boise zoo the other day and enjoyed some fun and blessed sunshine!  Thanks for your prayers everyone - we feel them and know God continues to open doors toward this north end church plant endeavor!

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