Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Back to life . . . back to reality

Yeah, you know you're all singing the tune now! Anyway, we're home and life as usual has begun again. We're doing laundry from our vacation, but we're doing laundry with a nice tan! Oh, yeah! All the Oak-Harborians here are wondering if we went to Hawaii for a week - I wish! No, we just went to Eastern Washington where the sun actually says hello for longer than a few hours! But no complaints! It's green here, and that comes at a cost! Abby is taking a nap as we speak, and Micah is sleeping but seems to be stirring - next accomplishment of life: get their nap schedules the same! Can I hear an amen?!


Lindsay said...

So does that mean you finally got rid of that one tan line?
HAHA hopefully!! :)

Reiter family said...

Yeah - I did! ha ha ! FINALLY!