Wednesday, September 3, 2008

So, does sleep ever happen?

Chris and I have had many a conversation around 3am about whether or not we should add more children to this family of 4. Usually the conversation is over the heads of our sleeping children who have managed to make their way to the middle of our bed. You laugh, yes I know. My mother must be smiling, thinking that my "time" has come, and yes, ironically I agree with her. So, it's with a weird sense of irrational thinking that I wonder if we still want more. A friend of mine from Starbucks was empathizing with me. I asked her how she raised 5 children, and she said the hardest transition was from 1 to 2. After that, "you're just tired anyway, and you can't tell the difference, so it's just easier!" I laughed. So, do we want more . . . I'm too tired to decide.


Lindsay said...

DUH you want more!!! You guys were meant to have like 10 kids :)

Just wait a few years till Micah starts talking.

mrskimf said...

here's a basketball analogy with regards to numbers of children: with one kid,you are double-teaming on defense. with two kids, you play man-to-man defense. with three kids...actually three kids and up you play zone defense.